Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy for Unique Hawaii Food Gift Baskets

Tutu’s Hawaii provides FREE PRIORITY Shipping for Your Hawaii Food Gift Basket Ideas in the U.S..

To keep cost down and to provide fast service ( standard mail from Hawaii can take up to 20 days) Tutu’s Hawaii ships everything Flat Rate Priority Mail in the U.S. at no Additional Cost to You.

You receive your Hawaii Food Gift Basket in about 5 days depending on the requested Hawaii Products.

If a Special Request like Aloha Swap Meet Hawaiieken T-Shirts Tutu will discuss prior to your payment delivery date.

Flat Rate Priority Box is not weighed which is the other reason for our choice. Heavier items don’t increase shipping costs.

Yes our prices reflect our shipping costs. If you want Multiple Unusual Best Hawaii Food Gift Baskets shipped to the same address Contact Tutu Tutu doesn’t mind looking if we can use less boxes and offer you a discount.

Hawaii Cookie Gift Basket
Hawaii Cookie Gift Basket