Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Tutu’s Hawaii Free Priority Shipping of Your Hawaii Food Gift Basket Idea

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 100% Guarantee

Sorry we do not offer returns because of the Food Items or Specialty of our Hawaii Food Gift Baskets. We want your Complete Satisfaction with your Unique Hawaii Tropical Food Gift Box. If something arrived damaged or a mistake in a Hawaii Tropical Food Gift Basket fill out our form. Tutu Marie wants to work with you on a reasonable solution. We have worked hard to achieve our 5 Star Reviews and NONE Bad Reviews. When there is an unexpected issue, we work hard to satisfy our customer’s expectations. We always work with the goal of an Unique and Special Hawaii Tropical Food Gift Basket. Things do happen sometimes unexpectant, but you don’t see any negative reviews. We are not perfect but our motto for dealing with issues is” If we were the customer what would satisfy Tutu Marie” not what is the most inexpensive remedy. Contact Tutu

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