Unique & Special Hawaii Snack Food Gift Baskets

Unique & Special Hawaii Snack Food Gift Baskets

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Maui Fire

Please any Ability to help Maui Residents the Red Cross Organization would appreciate assistance The fire on an island isn’t worse but does have special and diffent needs. Honolulu Red Cross is a legitimate organization that offers outstanding aide to peole effected by the disaster.

Tutu’s thoughts are with everyone in Hawaii effected by what were some of the deadliest U.S. wildfires in recent history.

Flames have destroyed the historic town of Lahaina. First responders are still conducting search and rescue efforts, and officials report communities will not reopen until these efforts are completed. Hundreds of homes and businesses are destroyed, thousands have no power, and all internet, phone and cell services are down, making communications extremely difficult. Spread the Word: Share the news and the mission.

Encourage your circle of friends, family, and colleagues here and worldwide to stand with us in supporting wildfire relief endeavors. By uniting our efforts, we magnify the impact of our collective contribution.

In unity, let’s join together to assist, to inspire and to nurture hope for the future of our sister communities.


Help The Red Cross if you can to deal with this terrible disaster in Maui.

Tutu is deeply saddened by this deadly event.

Lanai Cat anctuary

Not on Maui but seriously effected by the tragedy. Lanai Cat Sanctuary. A non-profit organizzation saving Hawaii Birds and Hawaii Feral cats. TThey welcome charitable gifts of money or cat supplies. Since visitors ussually stay in the now destroyed Lahaina, Maui the sanctuary is also seriously impacted.

Tutu (Grandma) Design Hawaii Gift Ideas

Need a Special and Different Gift For Your Wife,Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Favorite Sweetheart? Tutu’s Hawaii 808 has Delightul and Delicious Hawaii Food Gift Basket Ideas fot Every Occasion. An Unexpected Surprise for Mom, Dad, Granma or Grampa that will be loved and rembered always.

Need Tutu’s (Grandma’s) help to Create your Best Hawaii Gift Basket Idea? Tutu loves the adventure of the Perfect Hawaii Present Ideas. Tutgu will assist in adding somde quality but nonfood Haswaii Iddeas. Tutu’s Hawaii 808’s Tgutus (Grandmas) love a shopping adventure. Need Cujstomedr Support GTutgu Mazrfied personally helps you. tutumarie@tutushawaii808.com Incedntive Tutu chooses your Custom Hawaii Gift Idea, you receive a Mahalo (thank you) 25 % Discount Coupon on Youf next Hawaii Cooking or Snack Food Gift Basket Idea.

Want something Different that will be an Appreciated Treat for a group. Employees, Family, Party or Event. Hawaii Snack Foods are the Best and Original Flavors.

How about a Hawaii Breakfast Gift Basket for a nice housewaring, sleepover or Family Hawaii Food Gift Basket Idea? Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Coconut Sryup Unusual Idea.

Know a Coffee Lover? Hawaii is the only U.S. State thatb grows coffee. Kona Coffee, Kauia Coffee or Macadamia Nut Flavored Coffees. Your Choices are Endless.

Taste Guarantee

We think our products are so good that, from the very first taste, you’ll regret that you ever have to stop. If you don’t agree, please mail or e-mail us a copy of your receipt, along with your name and address, and we will fix your issue. Even if the fix is a refund or free items to composate. Tutu’s Hawaii 808 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our valued customer’s satisfaction which also satisfies Tutu. Tutu’s Hawaii 808 even will discuss I just didn’t like something not the Usual Hawaii Food Gift Basket Promise but a Usuak Tutu Promise,

Tutu (Grandma)

Tutu’s Hawaii 808. In Hawaii Grandma is referred to as Tutu. In Hawaii, Tutu is highly regarded and bloved. Tutu Marie and Tutu Debbie own and manage Tutu’s Hawaii 808. Tutu doesn’t like robot customer service agents. So while robots might answer quicker, Tutu’s Hawaii 808 has real customer service employees, . Employees that Tutu encorages with the ability to solve your concern.

Special Requests

Tutu (Grandma) as expected of your Tutu. Welcomes special requests or assistance with the right Hawaii Food Gift Basket choice within your budget and idea. Tutu;s Hawaii 808 is your Tutu (Grandma0 helping you with your gift dilema. In Hawaii, gift giving is the culture. Contact Tutu.

Gift Giving

We give Gifts to Everyone. Tokens of Arrreciation, Congratulations or Happy Birthday. Invite Tutu to dinner, Tutu brings a gift to say Thank You. A Business actually fixing an issue, Tutu sends a little Gift to recognize the employee. Happy Birthday, Tuttu puts in time to plan the perfect Happy Birthday Gift. New House, easpecially in Hawaii, a Hosewarming Gift is a must.

Sometimes it is just Thibnking of You. Tutu does this for my nurse. my housekeepeer or my tenants. Tutu ordered one Custom Hawaii Gift Box. Ika (Dried Cuttle Fish Hawaii Snack for my nurse, my housekeeper is a tea fan so Tropical Teas, 100% Kona Coffee For my Coffee Lover Tenant, a Hawaii Straw Hat for my gym teacher tenant, who is outdoors a lot.. Of course a few sweet snacks, Hawaii Candy and Hawaii Cookies, for Tutu to share with company. Another Hawaii custom have to offer delicious food options to company.

Gift Experience

Tutu;s Hawaiii 808 is real Tutus (grandmas) passionite about creating a Gift Experience for the Giftee! with the Perfect Selection of your Hawaii Food Gift Basket. Idea. Tutu has years of experience presenting Personal or Business Best Hawaii Food Gift Baskets. Tutu is aware most of us live with a budget. No problem Tutu has a lot of experience designing a Special Hawaii Food Gift Basket that doesn’t scream Cheap. Tutu’s Hawaii 808 Hawaii Food Gift Baskets are always designed to reflect you care so a thoughtful Gift.

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 Inspires to offer you Hawaii Snack or Cooking Food Gift Basket Ideas! That are delicious, beautiful, delightful, and comforting any time of year.

Hawaii Food Gift Baskets

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Custom Special Unique Hawaii Food Gift Basket

No matter the Unique Idea and no matter what the Budget. Tutu can help you design the Perfect Unusual Hawaii Cooking or Snack Food Gift Basket.

Business Accounts

Corporate Gifts That are Special

Need a one time Hawaii Snack Food Gift Basket? Idea or sending Special Business Different Hawaii Snack Food Gift Baskets regularl? Tutu’s Hawaii offers budget friendly Corporate Hawaii Snack Food Gift Baskets.

Hawaii Vendors

We are always interested in Quality Hawaii Gift Basket Products. We are not a discount site. We are budget friendly but focused on providing an Exceptional Hawaii Snack Food Gift Basket Idea.

Hawaii Coffee Lover Gift Basket Ideas

Special 100% Kona coffee gift bag.  Coffee gift baskets are perfect for the discriminating Kona coffee lover!

We’ll pack your Hawaii 100% Kona coffee Gift Basket ! Choose n a tropical print gift bag or wrapped in a lauhala basket tied with craft raffia.. Makes a unique Ocassion Hawaii Coffee Gift Basket for any coffee drinker.

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 Offers Hawaii Coffee Gift Baskets with the rich and natural gift. 100% Kona coffee is a state treasure in Hawaii. Grown on the west side of the Big Island Kona coffee is enriched with volcanic soil and tropical air. The coffee in Tutu’s Hawaii 808 Hawaii Kona Coffee Gift Basket Ideas Just 100% Kona coffee.

Tropical Taste Hawaiian Snack Food Gift Basket Ideas

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 has a large variety of Hawaiian Snack or Cooking Food Gift Basket Ideas! With Kona coffee and locally made cookies with macadamia nuts and chocolate chips

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 offers small medium or laege Hawaii Snack or Cooking Food Gift Baskets Ideas! A lot of variety and Free U.S. Prfiority Shipping.

Large or Business Orders for Hawaii Food Gift Baskets

 For large orders for corporate gift baskets please contact Tutu for discounts and shipping information. We will also design a basket just for you according to your preferences and budget.

We will include your gift note with the Hawaii Snack or Cooking Gift Basket hand-written on color Hawaii card stock. Imagine the delight and feeling of ‘Aloha’ when someone receives this Hawaii Snack or Cooking Food Gift Basket from Hawaii.

The Lauhala Gift Basket:

 In Old Hawaii, the leaves or “lau” were handwoven to create functional items such as hats, canoe sails, mats and baskets.  Today, Hawaiians still enjoy using lauhala baskets for gift giving.

Hawaiian Traditional Lauhala Woven Reusable Best Gift Idea Hawaii Sour Candy Lemon Rings Snack Food Gift Basket Hawaiian Aloha Candy Snack Food Gift Box Idea Best Gift Idea Best Gift Idea Perfect Present Idea For Him or For Her 7699
Hawaiian Traditional Lauhala Woven Reusable Best Gift Idea Hawaii Sour Candy Lemon Rings Snack Food Gift Basket Hawaiian Aloha Candy Snack Food Gift Box Idea Best Gift Idea Best Gift Idea Perfect Present Idea For Him or For Her 7600

If you prefer Beautiful Pinted Hawaii Hibiscus Tote Bag is a Great Option

Hawaii Hibiscus Printed Tote Bag Best Gift Idea Hawaii Sour Candy Lemon Rings Snack Food Gift Basket Hawaiian Aloha Candy Snack Food Gift Box Idea Best Gift Idea Best Gift Idea Perfect Present Idea For Him or For Her 1105
Hawaii Hibiscus Printed Tote Bag Best Gift Idea Hawaii Sour Candy Lemon Rings Snack Food Gift Basket Hawaiian Aloha Candy Snack Food Gift Box Idea Best Gift Idea Best Gift Idea Perfect Present Idea For Him or For Her 1105

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 Best Hawaii Cooking or Snack Food Gift Baskets

Tutu’s Hawaii 808 this Hawaiian Snack or Cooking Food Gift Basket Ideas include a mix of sweet and savory snacks. Sure to delight anyone who loves unique flavors and textures.

Li hing mango is a contrast in tastes. The dried mango are delightfully chewy. The natural sweetness of mango is offset by the tart flavor of Chinese li hing. This is a tart spice made from plums. This has become a traditional Hawaiian treat.

Many couples start the morning with a rich cup of coffee. Whether on the way to work or lucky enough be on a Hawaiian vacation. A Tutu’s Hawaii 808 thoughtful Hawaii Kona or Kauai Coffee Gift Baskedt Idea. A way for couples to share our special Hawaiian coffee.

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